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Spectacle Lenses

A lens for every occasion

A lens is a unique combination of material, design and coating. The material, together with the design and coating, creates the optical correction. It aims at making your vision as natural and comfortable as possible.

Leveraging on the most advanced technologies Vision in Focus can offer you the best out there, from single vision lenses to individualised progressive lenses. Your individual need determines what choices are made when selecting your spectacle lenses.

Hoya Vision Care

We all have a vision of how we want our future to be, of what we want to experience or achieve in life and the impact we want to make but whatever your vision is, clear eyesight helps to bring it to life.

Hoya has been a partner to eye care professionals for over 75 years and see the world through their eyes. As they spend years honing their craft through education, they gradually develop and refine their expertise.

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Rodenstock Lenses

Whether it is corrective lenses or sunglasses, classic or modern, for ladies or for men; with spectacles from Rodenstock you choose brand quality and German engineering. No matter what your requirements are in everyday life, at work or in your spare time – at Rodenstock you find the perfect lens that makes every moment well worth seeing.

Shamir Optical

Established in 1972 to manufacture bifocal lenses, Shamir Optical Industry is a leading producer of advanced single vision and progressive lenses.

Shamir is ranked among the world’s top ten progressive lens manufacturers.

Today, Shamir operates 17 laboratories throughout the world with a total workforce of 2,500.

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Essilor is the world leader in the ophthalmic industry. Essilor is committed to providing solutions to correct and protect the visual health of the 7.7 billion people worldwide.

Seeing well is crucial to us being able to learn, work, and interact with the world and people around us. One third of the global population lives with uncorrected poor vision and its consequences.

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