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Eye Examinations

We offer the following eye examination services

Making use of the latest technology our experienced staff offer comprehensive eye examinations assessing ocular health, optical needs and concerns.


Our services include

  • Visual acuity assessment.
  • Refractive status and presbyopia.
  • Visual perception, binocularity and depth perception.
  • Visual and accommodative function.
  • Colour vision, contrast sensitivity.
  • Slit lamp examination and photography to assess ocular health of the anterior segment.
  • Fundus photography, retinal photos to assess retinal and optic nerve health.
  • Swept-Source OCT and OCT angiography for detailed imaging of the retina and it’s blood circulation.
  • Tonometry and Visual field screening and assessments for glaucoma detection.
  • Visual field assessments where indicated.
  • Macular Pigment Screener that can identify those most at risk for developing age-related macula degeneration(AMD).
  • Contact lens examinations, all of the above with:
    • Corneal curvatures and thickness– corneal topography.
    • Assessment of contact lens fit and visual acuity.
    • Contact lens instruction on insertion removal and caring for your lens.

Good stable vision is essential for each child’s development

Depending on the age of the child, different tests are used to obtain important information to assess the child’s visual ability and perceptual function.

Myopia also known as nearsightedness

One out of two people (50%) have it. With myopia, the eye is longer than normal from front to back, or the cornea (the clear window at the front of the eye) is too steeply curved.

Come in for a free eye screening

A drivers or skippers license requires that a complete eye screening is done beforehand. Make an appointment today to receive your free eye screening by one of our highly-trained optometrists.

Refractive Surgery Assessments

In order to determine if you are suitable for laser corrective eye surgery, an assessment and individually tailored advice is necessary.

Come see us for an in-depth eye examination

Only the best equipment is used during consultations with outstanding personal attention to detail.