Eye Examinations

Making use of the latest technology our experienced staff offer comprehensive eye examinations assessing ocular health, optical needs and concerns.

Our services include:

  • Visual acuity assessment
  • Refractive status and presbyopia
  • Visual perception, binocularity and depth perception
  • Visual and accommodative function
  • Colour vision, contrast sensitivity
  • Slit lamp examination and photography to assess ocular health of the anterior segment
  • Fundus photography, retinal photos to assess retinal and optic nerve health
  • Swept-Source OCT and OCT angiography for detailed imaging of the retina and it’s blood circulation.
  • Tonometry and Visual field screening and assessments for glaucoma detection
  • Visual field assessments where indicated
  • Macular Pigment Screener that can identify those most at risk for developing age-related macula degeneration(AMD)
  •  Contact lens examinations, all of the above with:
    –   Corneal curvatures and thickness– corneal topography.  Assessment of contact lens fit and visual acuity
    –   Contact lens instruction on insertion removal and caring for your lense